Cheesy Mackerel Bread Rolls

Prep Time:
50-60 minutes
Cook Time:
20 minutes
20 rolls

Healthy, easy, and cheesy recipe for your everyday baon or meryenda! This Cheesy Mackerel Bread Rolls recipe can rival your favorite restaurant's sandwiches without breaking the bank. You can make up to 20 rolls from these simple steps, so share it with everyone (or have your kid bring some at school) and prove to them that you’ve got some skill!


    1 can x 425g   SABA Mackerel in Natural Oil

    1 bar x165g  Cheese, grated

    1 large stalk   Celery, finely chopped

    1 small   White onion, finely chopped

    ¼ cup   Mayonnaise

    ¼ tsp.    Ground black pepper

    ¼ tsp.    Salt

    1 loaf   White bread slices, flattened

    4 pcs.   Eggs, beaten

    2 cups    Breadcrumbs

    1 liter   Cooking oil, for deep frying


    1. Open the can of SABA Mackerel in Natural Oil. Drain.

    2. In a bowl, finely flake the mackerel. Add grated cheese, celery, white onion, mayonnaise, black pepper, and salt. Mix well.

    3. On a flat working surface, lay out a slice of white bread and flatten it using a rolling pin. Place one heaping tablespoon of mackerel filling near the edge of the slice of bread, then roll tightly. Secure edges with toothpick. Repeat procedure with the remaining slices of bread and mackerel filling.

    4. Place egg and breadcrumbs in individual bowls. Dip each roll of bread in the beaten egg, then coat in breadcrumbs.

    5. Deep-fry over medium heat until golden brown. Place on paper towels to drain excess oil.

    6. Serve hot.




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